How We Do Estate Sales in NJ:
FAQs for Shoppers

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How do estate sales work?

In New Jersey, estate sales are often called "contents of the house sales" and that's an accurate description: the sale is done inside a home (including the garage and often the yard as well), where all or most of the items are for sale.

Each item usually has a price on it; some will be priced by category (for example, "Towels - $2 each"); and others will be labeled "Bundle Items" (which means when you bring them to the checkout, we'll price them as a bundle on the spot).

You will also see some items that are marked "NFS" (Not For Sale) as well as areas inside or outside the house that are off-limits (those will be taped off or have a "Private. Do Not Enter" sign on them).

Estate sales usually run from 1 to 3 days, and everything gets discounted on the 2nd day, and even more on the 3rd.

Can anyone come to an estate sale?

Estate sales in NJ are open to the public, so if you see a road sign pointing to an estate sale, feel free to drop by during open hours!

What can I find at estate sales?

You can expect to find a wide variety of items that can be found in any home - furniture, kitchenware, electronics, home decor, clothes, mattresses, bedding and towels, bath and beauty products, household cleaners, garage stuff and so on. These will range from generic to very expensive brands, all at a fraction of the retail.

But it's what you don't expect to find that makes shopping at estate sales so interesting! For example, you can come across a vintage Chanel N°5, old Snap-On tools still made in USA, a groovy mini-skirt from the 60s, a favorite toy you had as a child, an antique sterling silver carafe... in other words, all the things you do not see in stores and the possibilities are endless!

How can I find out when you're having a sale?

About a week before the sale, the listing with photos and description will be posted on this website, so you can check here often.

Or, better yet, you can sign up for our Upcoming Sales list and you'll be notified a few days ahead of every sale we do in South Jersey area.

Can I come early if I want to be first to the sale?

You can try, but you may still have competition - early birds and professional pickers usually gather by the front door an hour before we open. So if you come early, join the other treasure hunters in line.

Do you do presales or previews before the sale?

We don't offer in-person previews, but you can use the photos in the listing to see some of what will be available at the sale (the photos don't show all the inventory).

A few select items will be presold online - this is your chance to get them first! The link to available presale items will be included in the sale's listing.

Can I find out prices ahead of time?

Only presale items' prices will be disclosed before the sale. Pricing for regular items is often not finalized until we open.

Is the item in the photos going to be there at the sale?

If nobody bought it yet, it will be there (first come first serve though). On rare occasion, the owner may pull an item from the sale at the last moment - if that happens, we'll try to update the listing ASAP.

Can I call about the availability of a specific item?

Feel free to call before you come, just know that during sale hours we may not pick up the phone as we are busy serving other shoppers. In that case, leave a detailed message and we'll get back to you as soon as we're available.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. You can get a discount in one of three ways:

1) On one-day sales, things get discounted during the last hour. On multi-day sales, everything is discounted on the second day, and even more on the third. So if you want the best deals, come closer to the end of the sale because by then everything must go.

2) The more you bundle, the more you save. So find a few things you like and we'll give you a deal you'll love!

3) When you sign up for our Upcoming Sales list, you'll also receive a coupon with each sale notification that you can use at that sale (just show us the email on your phone). These coupons are exclusive to our email subscribers only.

Can I make an offer on the item I like?

You are free to make an offer on anything you like at any point - all reasonable offers will be considered. We are free to counter your offer or even reject it if it's still too early in the sale, or if the item has a reserve price on it.

Can you hold an item for me?

If you want us to hold something for you until you arrive at the sale, know that we can't hold any items without payment.

However, if you are already at the sale, you can make a pile of things you want to buy next to the front desk - we'll hold them for you while you are still shopping until you are ready to check out.

Can I test an item or examine it closely before I buy?

You are welcome to use a magnifying glass and other no-impact examination tools. Unless marked otherwise, you can also open boxes and look inside.

But please ask for permission/assistance if you want to test an item or take it apart.

Do you help haul or deliver large items?

No deliveries at this time. We may be able to help you carry a large item out of the house and load it into your truck, but that is not always guaranteed. So bring your own strong help and a vehicle.

If I purchase a large item, can I pick it up later?

Usually you can arrange with us an after the sale pick up, but it will be within a limited time frame (24-48 hours). Ask us first before you make any plans.

Do you ship items?

No shipping at this time; all items are for local pick up only.

Can I purchase anything after the sale if over?

With very few exceptions, once the sale is over, it's over. Immediately after the sale, all unsold items are donated, returned to the owners or disposed of some other way.

Do you have a store?

We don't have a store - we sell out of customers' homes only.

Do you provide shopping bags or should I bring my own?

Bring your own bags - we have a very limited supply and it runs out fast. Just know that we may ask to check your bag at any time - this is standard company policy, please don't take it personally.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of this business, most of the items we sell are previously owned, and some may be damaged or show signs of wear and use. For that reason, everything is sold as is, with no returns and no refunds. Please examine the items closely before you take them home.

Do you charge sales tax?

Estate sales in NJ are not subject to sales tax, so you get to save even more when you shop our sales.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash is preferred. Paypal, Venmo and credit card payments over $50 only. No checks.

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